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High Voltage 3 Phase Asynchronous Motor (Squirrel Cage Rotor)Y, YKS, YKK

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High Voltage Three Phase Asynchronous  Motor

Y, YKS, YKK series high voltage three-phase asynchronous motors, a kind of squirrel-cage motor, are high in efficiency, low in noise, reliable in performance. The centre height can be classified 11 stages from H355 to H1120. The voltage supply can be 6KV or 10 KV.

Parameters of Squirrel-Cage 3 Phase Asynchronous Motor:
1. Consist with the industrial standard of JB/T7593, JB/T10315., JB/T10446, but there are some changes in the mounting arrangement, and power supply.
2. The general mounting arrangement type is IMB3: Horizontal type with pedestal.
3. The operation rating: duty type S1, continuous operation
4. Protection classification: IP23, IP44, IP54
5. Cooling form: IC01, IC81W, IC611, IC616
Note: Customers can sign the special technique agreement when need other mounting arrangements, protection classifications or cooling form.

1. The pedestal is steel plate welded, features by high rigidity and light weight.
2. Optimized design, easy to be installed and maintained.
3. The stator and rotor are made of silicon steel sheet, reduced the iron consumption.
4. Rotor insulation: F class insulation
5. Rotor bars: arrayed copper, when center height is less than 500mm, rotor bar can be made of casting aluminum to get better heat emission, and increase the inertia value.
6. The rotary cage: copper or copper alloy with good conductibility, high efficiency.
7. Model H355~H630 adopt roll bearings, and grease lubrication.

These serieshigh voltage 3 phase asynchronous motors (squirrel-cage motor) can drive various machinery. But if the machinery is water pump or light-load started fanning machine, meanwhile meet the following conditions:
1. The terminal voltage of the motor isn't less than 85% of rated voltage when start
2. The torque of the fanning machine isn't more than 35% of the rated torque of motor
3. The moment of inertia of the fanning machine isn't more than the load value: J in technique data table.
Then the standard cage rotor type three-phase asynchronous motors can be used as the driving motors. And pedestal number and the data in the technique parameter table can be taken directly.

Ordering Requirement for Squirrel-Cage 3 Phase Asynchronous Motor:
When ordering, please specify the following item and parameters (For instance): Model: YKS1120-4
Rated Power/KW 20000
Rated Voltage/V: 6000
Pole: 4
Rated Frequency/HZ: 50
Protection Classification: IP44
Cooling Form: IC81W
Mounting Arrangement: IMB3
Operation Rating: Duty type S1
Rotary Direction: Clockwise (see when face the motor shaft)
Outlet box: Right of the motor (see when face the motor shaft)
Moment of inertia: (if need)
Load Torque Curve: (if need)
Any other special requirement about our squirrel-cage rotor type three-phase asynchronous motors, such as torque, starting current, height(above 1000m), surrounding temperature( beyond the scope from-15℃ to +40℃), etc please offer the data and sign the relative technique agreement.

We are sure, our three-phase asynchronous motors, DC motors, industrial electric motors, etc can service as the ideal drive to improve the working efficiency.  

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