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High Voltage High Speed Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

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High Voltage High Speed Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

The pedestal of is steel plate welded, which made this high voltage high speed three-phase asynchronousmotor features by high rigidity and light weight. And other upgraded design contributes to the easy installment and maintenance. 

1. The stator and rotor are made of the round cool rolled silicon steel sheet
2. Rotor insulation: F class insulation
3. Rotor bars: arrayed copper, rotary cage: copper or copper alloy
4. Model H355~H450 adopt roll bearings, and grease lubrication. Model H500~H710 adopt slide bearings, and oil lubrication.

Starting of High Voltage High Speed Three Phase Asynchronous Motor:
Generally speaking, series high voltage high speed three-phase asynchronousmotors can be started twice when it stops naturally in cold condition. And under the heat condition, only can be started once. The additional starting must after 1-2 hours after last starting.   
And these serieshigh voltage high speed three-phase asynchronous motors can drive various machinery. But if the machinery is water pump or light-load started fanning machine, meanwhile meet the following conditions:
1. The terminal voltage of the motor isn't less than 85% of rated voltage when start
2. The torque of the fanning machine isn't more than 35% of the rated torque of motor
3. The moment of inertia of the fanning machine isn't more than the load value: J in technique data table.
Then the standard cage rotor type three-phase asynchronous motors can be used as the driving motors. And pedestal number and the data in the technique parameter table can be taken directly.

Ordering Requirement:
Any other special requirement such as torque, starting current, height(above 1000m), surrounding temperature( beyond the scope from-15℃ to +40℃), etc please offer the data and sign the relative technique agreement.
Note: if with no special indication, the motor rotate in clockwise and the Outlet box: Right of the motor (see when face the motor shaft), the relative technique data can be provide according the voltage classification.
We are sure, our three-phase asynchronous motors, DC motors, industrial electric motors, etc can service as the ideal drive to improve the working efficiency.

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