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Industrial DC Motor

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Industrial  DC Motor Z315-Z710

Description of Industrial DC Motor Z315-Z710:

On the design, we optimized the rotor diameter in industrial DC motor Z315-Z710 to ensure the proper magnetic field. In addition these industrial electric motors deliver the required torque while minimizing the inertia of the drive-train. This act make the DC motors quick response to speed and load changes.

Configuration and Features of Industrial DC Motor Z315-Z710:
1. Multiple armature winding types to meet different applications.
2. Excellent commutator and brush holder provide premium commutation
3. The pedestal is made from laminated armor plate, mounted with stator frame to ensure the high stability.
4. The TIG-welding is applied to connect the communator risers and armature coils for maximum connection strength.
5. Exceptional reliability, the DC motor adopts full compensating windings to supply proper compensation for armature reaction.
6. F class VPI (vacuum pressure impregnate) insulation for stator and rotor to withstand moistures, abrasion, and thermal cycling. This make the DC motor can be used in some severe environment.
7. Armature lamination and pedestal feature by paint coating laminated steel frame to improve following ability of electromagnetism, resulting in better commutation.
8. Adopt end bracket type grease ball bearings. The sliding bearings are available.
9. For the standard model, the outlet box is located in the right side (see from the rotary side), it also can be designed in the left side.

Performance of Industrial DC Motor Z315-Z710:
1. Power supply can choose direct current or supplied by the stationary rectifier power.
2. The designed motor rating duty: continuous operation based on S1 duty type
3. The standard rated voltage: 220V, 330V, 440V, 550V, 660V, 750V, 850V for choice. The other rated voltage can be adopted on request.
4. The basic excitation type is separated excitation. Four excitation winding terminals are divided into two groups. The excitation voltage is 220V when the two groups are in serials, otherwise, in parallel connection, the voltage become 110V. Other excitation voltage is available. And the forced excitation is allowed while voltage is less than 500V. When adopts the forced excitation, the excitation current is allowed to exceed the rated excitation current slightly until the excitation current goes to stabilization.

OverloadingParameters of Industrial DC Motor Z315-Z710: (1min)

Rotary speed (r/min) Rated current (%)
Used occasionally Used steadily
100 200 (180*) 175 (160*)
200 160 150
≥300 140 125

Ordering Requirement for Industrial DC Motor:
1. On the none-driving side, these industrial DC motor can be assembled with tachogenerator, rotary coder, centrifugal switch, temperature sensor(for stator and bearing), heating component, motor pedestal, water cooler, and more. If need these components, please contact us when order and state in the contract.
2. Before order, please check the samples to decide the needed model and specifications. If the models you will order are at variance with the sample, please contact us immediately.
3. When ordering, please specify the following item: model, classification, power, voltage, rotary speed, excitation voltage, duty type, mounting arrangement, cooling method, protection class, cable outlet direction, spare pares(if need)

Harbin Electric Machinery Co,. Ltd. is an industrial electric motor supplier, providing DC motors, Three Phase asynchronous motors, synchronous frequency converters, synchronous motors, etc.

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